Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tools of the trade

As a single, sometimes lazy, person... who loves kitchen gadgets it would only be fair to warn you up front what I use to cook with on a regular basis. I am in no way affiliated with the products I am about to mention. I just happen to really like them. Most of the recipes I post or blog about will be made with the following items. Feel free to copy, paste and google them if you are feeling spendy.

The Xpress-redi-set-go:
This thing is fantastic for omelettes. My gentleman caller often refers to it as "egg thing." In 7 minutes exactly you can cook from 2-4 scrambled eggs that are moderately filled with whatever deliciousness you'd like.

Flavorwave Turbo Oven:
I use this as a dehydrator and oven mostly. Awesome for cooking up three chicken breasts at a time and saving some for later. The one I have is a smaller model, its nice for baking and not heating up the entire house. I had a larger one once, but it broke and I didn't really need the bigger one. I love the smaller model and have had it for years now.

The Magic Bullet:
A must for protein shakes, guacamole and green smoothies. I'm working on a low-carb hazelnut butter recipe, which this thing is essential for. I also frequently use it to mix up eggs for "egg-thing."

Parchment paper:
If you are going to make any sort of crust or cracker this is necessary. I've ruined pans by attempting to cook without it. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I do occasionally use the microwave, stove and oven too. Just not as often as these other things.

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