Friday, May 3, 2013


So, I'm still living with the ex-boyfriend. It's been not fun.

Today, after 13.75 years, is my last day as a professional Graphic Artist. Myself and four other co-workers got to experience downsizing. Boo.

I lucked out though....I have a job again next Monday as a Sales Assistant for the same company. The upside: I will no longer have to commute. The downside: Significant wage cut. So hopefully what I lost in wages, I'll gain in saved gas money. But I was already living paycheck to is what it is.

I've pinned a few recipes I want to low-carb. Hopefully in August I can start cooking and posting recipes again.

Right now I'm just going to follow the pace of my transitioning life. Change is good.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where have you been? gentleman caller suggested that we move in together. So we did. That was September of 2012.

It was not what I expected.

My excuse for not posting blogs: My kitchen is actually tinier than my previous residence.

What else is going on?
Said gentleman caller has decided to let me in on a little secret. He has problems. Real and serious problems. And now everything about the past year makes sense. I now also no longer recognize the person that I am sharing a home with. I'm also stuck in a lease with said stranger until August...and he just lost his job.

I wonder how this is gonna affect my numbers at the Doctor's on Wednesday. I'm hoping my blood pressure isn't through the roof. But I do kinda feel like a walking panic attack at the moment.

Hells bells.

Please forgive my absence. If my life straightens out before August I hope to start posting again. Right now the outlook is kinda bleak.

And so as not to leave you with such a downer, check out