Friday, August 31, 2012

No Julienne?

They say necessity breeds innovation...

So I made some taco meat, then I discovered that I only had enough lettuce and tomato for one serving.
The taco meat was good. I don't typically measure my ingredients so there won't be a recipe. I do throw in a bunch of chili powder and cumin. Some salt, pepper, oregano, cinnamon and a tiny bit of red pepper. I add alot, think about as much as in a store bought taco seasoning packet.

I was also out of cumin....
So i decided I would try adding a can of tomatoes and tomato paste, thinking it would be more on the chili side of things. I was dreaming about my own kind of low-carb hamburger help. 

That's not really what happened. I mean it was definitely edible. But it wasn't hamburger helper.

But it did result in this tip.

I've been seeing all over the internet that people are using zucchini as spaghetti noodles by cutting them with a julienne slicer.  I don't have one of these. 

However, if you take a long knife and score your zucchini the long way, not quite all the way can than take a carrot peeler and peel yourself some noodles. 

It worked pretty great. You can set them in a colander for 15 mins with some salt and let them soften up, squeezing the moisture out after the 15 mins is done.

I also tried eating them without the salt, (it was a little too salty for my taste) and my stomach kinda sounded like I had trapped Chewbaca inside of it. I clearly need to find a happy medium.


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