Monday, February 3, 2014

Back to that Psychic Reading

I was conversing with a friend over the weekend about my ideal know the one my psychic says will materialize in the next 5 months.

We were talking about the quality of knowing someone that is calming to be around because they are grounded.
Me: Don't you know someone like that?
Her: Actually I do, you.
We laughed.
Her: When have you ever felt that?

Honestly I haven't felt that since college. Oh Massage Man...sometimes I really miss you.

I think this caused a dream I woke up to this morning.
Massage Man was checking on me to make sure I was all right. He started massaging my wrist, and that weird feeling of peace I used to get when I was around him was alive in my dream.

Then my alarm went off.

Thanks for checking on me Massage Man...wherever you are.

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