Monday, February 3, 2014

Back to that Psychic Reading

I was conversing with a friend over the weekend about my ideal know the one my psychic says will materialize in the next 5 months.

We were talking about the quality of knowing someone that is calming to be around because they are grounded.
Me: Don't you know someone like that?
Her: Actually I do, you.
We laughed.
Her: When have you ever felt that?

Honestly I haven't felt that since college. Oh Massage Man...sometimes I really miss you.

I think this caused a dream I woke up to this morning.
Massage Man was checking on me to make sure I was all right. He started massaging my wrist, and that weird feeling of peace I used to get when I was around him was alive in my dream.

Then my alarm went off.

Thanks for checking on me Massage Man...wherever you are.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Barfly conundrum of the weekend....

I get my friend and her boy of choice home safely from a night of birthday imbibing....While she is away in the loo...He looks at me & says... "You are a really awesome person."...I reply ...why yes. yes i am...Then he says." I bet you want to kiss me right now." I said no. Actually i don't. 

I mean really, if I'm such an awesome person... Then probably I don't want to make out with the guy my friend is interested in. And people wonder why I'm still single.

I hate when people try to make me small to suit their own agenda.